Eggplant or Pistachio First Anyone?

  1. Anyone have this and is willing to part with it? I so desperately want one to finish off my bbag collection :love: :biggrin:
  2. Heya!
    You can contact AmourN20. She may want to part with her eggplant first. :smile:
  3. WHY?? She just bought it!
  4. If Murasaki ends up buying the eggplant purse on eBay, she may have an eggplant to part with.
  5. Sweets i am dying to see your collection:nuts: ..
  6. I have both. I am not planning to sell them now, but I will contact you if I change my mind.
  7. does anyone have a picture of the pistachio color?
  8. My pistacio first is the bag on the right in my avatar ;)
    The color is hard to capture on camera, it is beautiful in real life.
  9. "I so desperately want one to finish off my bbag collection"

    'Finish off'.... heeheehee... You should complete that sentence with 'until the next bbag I love comes along' (can one ever stop the obsession once it begins!). Good luck in your search!
  10. Hi Fashion_Junky! Please do PM me when you decide to sell your eggplant or pistachio! I'll be indebted to you for life :biggrin: :love: