Eggplant Mini

  1. Oops forgot to say I have this little BBag and it's perfect for going out in the evenings when you have a few things to carry!.....and the Eggplant is divine!:heart:
  2. I have the exact same BBag and took it out to a dinner just last weekend! However, my husband wanted to squeeze his wallet in with mine and his did not fit, so I took mine out and relied on his charity ;)
  3. :lol: Why do men always use our bags for their items too! For me that's good enough reason to spend my well earned money on BBags because they actually serve a purpose for two people!!
  4. haha my bf is the same, he always wanted to squeeze in his wallet and keys to my purse
  5. are there 2 sizes for the mini? this one seems to be about the same size as first from the description. thanks julie
  6. ^That's the mini-twiggy. The classique is quite small...but very very cute! And this is a great color!
  7. the color is so pretty and it's really tempting but the bag is too small for my use.

    anyways goodluck to all the bidders!
  8. that seller always has the most amazing colors and bags!
  9. My confusion was justified! The seller emailed me and told me she had accidentally put in the wrong dimensions on this one (Numbers were about the same as the first) But I think a mini twiggy would be perfect!!!!!!!

    According to everything you guys have wrote, it holds more than the first, am I wrong?

    thanks julie
  10. Are you referring to the mini classique or the mini twiggy? The mini classique can only fit one bill-fold, phone, lip gloss and keys on a chain. The mini twiggy comes in 2 sizes. The smaller one holds about 20-30% more than the mini classique, while the larger mini twiggy holds about the same as the First.
  11. Ditto. Otherwise I'd be all over it!