Eggplant Mini Classique! OMG somebody get it!

  1. Wow, a good chance to get a little eggplant for a little money!
  2. So cute - beautiful color and great price.
  3. Gorgeous bag and at a great price! Is the classique the same as the first?
  4. ^^^ i believe it's smaller than the first.. tho similar style :yes:
  5. The classique and the first are the same bag, different name. THIS is a MINI classique/first, so it is smaller.
  6. I don't see the BIN anymore... Did you email her to ask?
  7. I have a mini classique, they are smaller than even the smaller version of the mini twiggy, which I also have. The mini classique can fit my wallet (just a bill-fold type), cell phone (candy type), lip gloss and keys (loose, no holder). And er... that's about all that would go in!
  8. someone put a bid on it- that is why there is no BIN now.
  9. I think eping is the bidder.
  10. so cute! and lovely color too.
    good price!
  11. UGH. I hate when that happens. Would this EVER go below the BIN price?
  12. Eeeeehhhhh, soooooo cute! If I'd bought a mini-classique, I would probably never use it- too small to be practical but lovely to look at. I feel it's more a going-out to a fancy restaurant/ball etc- you know what I mean, kind of bag. I, unfortunately, don't go to posh places so I would probably give it to my doll.
  13. ^too funny! :lol:

    ...and thanks ladies for the clarification on the classique.
  14. HEYHEY... i cxl my bid ^_^~... so BIN It girls~