eggplant first!!!

  1. thanks for posting, seahorse! i thought this was sold ages ago....hehehe
  2. I've bought from this seller before, she's very sweet....hmmm, think I'll go bid on it.
  3. This was sold back in the end on Nov. I wondered what happened?
  4. Too bad I'm on the purse ban now.
  5. donna, before u bid, you might want to ask first about the deal that happens on november as jyd said?
  6. hey! that is the one i kept trying to win for my sister! SHE IS BACK!!!!!!!
  7. Wow! Who got it!? Went for over $1200USD--bummer I saw this so late!! :crybaby:
  8. i think u open the other auction link posted by jyd, looks like the seller put this auction up again.
    maybe things doesn;t work out with the previous bidder :p
  9. me thinks the seller should give it to me..LOL
  10. OK, Whew! Totally thought i was going crazy! :noggin:

    Two separate listings--got it.

    thanks seahorseinstripes!
  11. o:huh:o it looks delicious! :drool: