Eggplant First or Twiggy???


What should I do?

  1. Keep eggplant first and forget the twiggy

  2. Sell eggplant first and buy eggplant twiggy

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have the opportunity to buy an eggplant twiggy. Do I keep my first or sell it and buy the twiggy? I can't decide! Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. you should buy the twiggy and sell me your first :shame:
  3. I would definitely take the twiggy over the first. I am so jealous! I've been looking for an eggplant city or twiggy forever!!!
  4. Definetely take the twiggy. Much better size IMO.
  5. I know you like both styles, but which style do you prefer? Since you already have both - try and decide which one you love... and then pick it! You're very lucky :smile:
  6. Twiggy!

    btw is that a seafoam twiggy you have in your icon?! Beautifullll
  7. Get the twiggy and then compare the two and decide which you like best!
  8. I prefer the Twiggy as well.
  9. Get the twiggy and decide later. Either way I'm sure you won't have problems selling it. Congrats on the fabulous find!
  10. i like the twiggy better. get it while you have the first dibs!
  11. yeah, i also say get both and try them out, then decide later!
  12. can you get the twiggy while still owning the first?
    I don't own a twiggy, but judging from the answers above it's the one to keep.

    I'll but either off of you,
    for real ;)
  13. I just got a twiggy and I like it so much better than my citys. It is such a great size. I also own a first and it is too small except my first is the pewter so it is okay to be small since I will only use it for evening. My citys remind me alot of a briefcase but I love the twiggy. If you don't get the eggplant twiggy PM me where I can get it. thanks
  14. I had the twiggy and don't like it for me but it's definitely larger, depends on what you want to use it for. I would keep the first.
  15. at the moment i have to say TWIGGY - because i dont have my FIRST yet.... 0o0o00o it should be here very soon!!! hehehe
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