Eggplant First, $2.00 SP

  1. It's a good move in a sense because it is a rare bag and people like to bid. Well at least I do. I hate to lose out on something I put a bid in on. The magenta first went to like $700 in the first few days that started at $.99 and I am interested to see where that ends up as well.

    This bag was listed twice before in october and then just about a week ago for around $1430 US. It will be interesting to see if the seller gets close to that price. It is a beautiful bag.

    PS. As you can see I can't sleep so I am stalking PF and eBay.
  2. I've purchased from that seller before, she's very nice and ships fast.
  3. ooh, i love watching these auctions with a low start price!
  4. wow!!!!!!!!!!! this will go and for alot! i am contemplating putting a bid in at the end....but it will probably go for alot more than i'm able to pay!
  5. What happened to it before? I remember seeing it a little while ago. It didn't sell?????:wtf:

    lol sorry i want this one this would be perfect for my sister :sad:
  7. eggplant is a FABULOUS color:love:good luck to all of the bidders:graucho:;)
  8. What a gorgeous bag!!
  9. No didn't sell. Was listed twice before both times over $1300.
  10. Sometimes a high starting bid actually puts people off. With low bids, lots of people would try their luck... and it is a little like gambling – raising the stakes just that little bit higher in the hopes of getting the prize. Before long, lots of people are hooked and the price shoots up!
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