Eggplant Dylan is here!!

  1. Well, Dylan arrived. First chance I've had to share her with you girls. Took lots of pictures so you can really give her the once over. Wasn't too crazy about it at first, but it kind of grows on you. But, still don't think I'm actually in love. It has those cool faceted studs. The dogclips on the handle don't do anything, just for show. The flap hides a big front pocket. The suspenders on both front and back are just for show. Both sides have a deep pocket. Inside, in addition to usual configuration, has a dogclip for hanging keys and a tiny open pocket between the other two for a pen, pencil, or lip liner, kind of a nice touch. Like Lexie said about the Katy, color is a dark purplish brown and leather is soft, shiny (not patent) and kind of crinkly. Here she is, more photos to come.
    Front.jpg Back.jpg Top.jpg Side.jpg Bottom.jpg
  2. Here are more photos ... one more to go!
    Front Pocket.jpg Handle.jpg Side Pocket.jpg Interior.jpg Leather.jpg
  3. Since my husband is new technology challenged and doesn't know how to use the digital camera, here's him modeling Dylan so you get an idea as to size. It's pretty big but not overly so. Jackie is even bigger.
    On Ron.jpg Ron Modeling.jpg
  4. I lreally like the color and I love the modeling pic! Have you had a chance to pack in stuff & carry her around? Let us know how you like the fit, weight & comfort on the shoulder. The new bags are growing on me, the more I see!
  5. Nunnla! You have got to love that color!! Are you thinking of returning her? I don't think I could let her go because the color AND the type of leather on that bag is really beautiful. Size is just a little big for me, anyway.....but it really looks like a very beautiful and substantial bag. The shiny-ness is growing on me. PS.....we aren't even thinking about that thing brewing off the coast of Africa yet.....
  6. Thanks for the photos, Nunnla! Quite a few of us here use our hubbys as models. :yes:

    Your photos just made me feel really GOOD that I ordered Jackie in eggplant, I was so torn between the colors! Your photos showed it perfectly and I think your Dylan is stunning!

    Hey are those a pair of Shelties I see lurking in the background?? I love the merle!! We have a couple of Shelties too. Fabulous dogs. :heart:
  7. Thanks for the photos nunnla. They're great. Love the color, but I'm sort of like you. I don't know how I feel about the bag itself, and I've tried it on for size at my local Nordstrom.
  8. The more I look at the Dylan, the more I like it. The color and leather really are stunning. The doggies are indeed shelties. The merle female is Kara and the male sable & white is Oliver. Kara was giving Ron quite the look modeling that purse. I'd love to see pix of your shelties. They are such lovey, well tempered doggies.
  9. You definitely don't want a Jackie, Rose. It's bigger than the Dylan. The Linda and Harper are smaller but I think it's the Harper that can only be tote carried. You're right ... don't even want to think about what's brewing off Africa. You're on the coast in my old stomping ground. Spent my elementary and high school days in Bonita Springs and went through Hurricane Donna in 1960. Don't want to do that again. At least I'm in the northcentral part of state so dont get the storm surge. But the rest is bad enough. Keeping my fingers crossed it fizzles out or goes elsewhere, although I don't wish that on anyone.
  10. I'm feeling more love towards my Dylan - the color and leather are pretty spectacular. May just have to keep her :graucho:
  11. Haven't used it yet but did pack her up and she easily accommodated all my junk, including a large LV cosmetics bag. Was comfortable on shoulder but kinda heavy, but that's because of all the "stuff". Bag itself is pretty lightweight.
  12. That's a great color. Congrats!
  13. Nice bag Larke, and it's great you gave a nice view of the inside of the bag. I still like the Katy better because I don't prefer the larger front flap. It is weird that Kooba put put a line of bags that are so confusing to tell apart.
    The leather color and texture will make you fall in love with it and I find it great for organization.
  14. Wow Nunnla, thanks for sharing such great pictures. I wish I could get my hubby to model for me but he would just look at me weird :wtf:. I still can't seem to warm to the Kooba Fall bags, but hope when I see them IRL I might change my mind.
  15. oh my nunnla!!! I love your new eggplant dylan!!! I want that to be my next kooba? it's looks fab...I hope I can see it IRL soon...i love big bags so I think this would be great for me...CONGRATS!! :nuts: i hope you keep her! may i ask where did you order her from?