Eggplant - could someone tell me.

  1. Hi could someone tell me if the Eggplant comes in a Day, and is this bag impossible to find. I have found the most brilliant purple J. Choo shoes and have been looking for a bag to go with them, the Eggplant seems ideal, I gather its a very dark purple, If anyone has any pictures could you post them with any information. Thanks
  2. Dear Saich,you can watch some picts in the thread"leather variations" and photos wearing your BBag".Eggplant is a fabulous colour but very sought after,so they are expensive and hard to find.
    In July/August BBags will come in a beautifull purple: violet(also called grape)
    The Downtown from Yves St Laurent comes in a beautifull purple this season.
    Hope this helps!
  3. Oh thats brilliant thank you, will have a look at these threads did try a couple of them but its hard going trying to find the Eggplant through all the bags.
  4. Here ya go...hope this helps!
    IMG_6482.jpg IMG_7783-1.jpg IMG_7777-1.jpg IMG_7765.jpg IMG_6806.jpg
  5. ahh Deanna, your eggplant is gorgeous!!

    saich, I've never seen an eggplant day before. :shrugs: Violet is your better bet, but it's still not out yet
  6. No eggplant day - eggplant is an 04 colour, Day was released in 05. Violet this fall will come in the Day style tho', if that helps at all.
  7. Deana, I never tire of seeing your beautiful photos!! The Eggplant is!! :love:

    Saich, great to see you here! Like the others have said, the Violet will be a great alternative to the Eggplant! Good luck!
  8. Your Eggplant is beautiful!Love your Bubbelgum City, too!:love: Congrats, Deana!:yes:
  9. I had to catch my breathe when I saw that Eggplant Beauty!
  10. Deana, your eggplant is gorgeous!!! I so can't wait for Violet......would like it in a Day or Part time! Yippee
  11. Deana, you always take the most amazing pics, then again, it has alot to do with how perfect your bbags are!! :smile:
  12. Oh my, what a beautiful picture, big thanks to everyone for their help. Yes Deco my friend told me about the violet trouble is its not out yet and wanted the bag and shoes for my holiday
  13. Great info. thank you :biggrin:
    I was wondering too ... that why I never seen the day bag in Lilac or Rose.
  14. Eggplant is so gorgeous. One I would never part with. Deana yours is gorgeous and the braid is WOW. I love the one you made for my eggplant, it is perfect.

    Here are pics of my eggplant City:


  15. pp and deana- i love your gals' eggplants. i will alway love that color