Eggplant Classique on eBay

  1. Gorgeous! But ouch at the price...:sad: Looks brand new though.
  2. So pretty but the price tag is too high for me!
  3. agree!
  4. Yeah a bit expensive for a first but it's in great condition!
  5. Yes, it's in great condition and a rare find . . . but this price .... is too high for me too :cry: !
  6. Dude always has such nice B-bags :love: It's gorgeous :heart: If only it were a city!
  7. wow, that bag is in excellent condition too.
  8. Can you imagine this in a weekender?!
  9. I *think* I might be buying it :biggrin:
  10. Yeah!! Do It!
  11. Go for it.. She's a great seller:yes:
  12. oh i love, love, LOVE this colour! but like how you all said, the price tag is too high :cry:
  13. I am seriously considering it too, it is soooo beautiful!
  14. to die for!!!!
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