Eggplant City!!!

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  1. That's really pretty. I can't find it on ebay.
  2. Oh my, a "major A list celebrity"!
  3. Looks real to me too. I wonder how high it will go?
  4. I saw that last night.
    I was wondering if it was real since the SP was so low and I don't see a reserve.

  5. Looks real to me too. I love this color!
  6. That one has my heart beating...
  7. wow...this is one pretty bag....
  8. yummy~~~
  9. I asked for more pics but I haven't heard a response yet
  10. Lots of stuff but crappy pics!
  11. ok. the seller responded with this:
    I can assure you that this is 100% authentic. I will take more pictures this eveing. the width is 37cm height(hard to measure!) is approx 25. The code on the inside reads (2093b 115748) Thanks
  12. I saw that and asked questions. He is very reluctant to answer or send pics.I got the same vague email. Let's see if he sends those pictures. Just says will refund if not authentic. My friends asked, he said same thing to them. He has to have the crappiest pictures ever. He's never sold any high end items, never bought high end. Seems fishy that now he hooked up with Paltrows used goods. :roflmfao: If this is real, I think the price is going to be through the roof at the end
  13. What makes you think it was Gwyneth Paltrow's? By the way, the photos on the other items are not good either.
  14. Does he say paltrow anywhere?

    he says it retails at 1240 pounds which is not accurate but the bag looks real
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.