Eggplant City

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  1. :wtf: :nuts: :drool:

    Gorgeous! Thanks for posting, winona!!
  2. Beautiful - I love it!!!

  4. gorgeous!
  5. She's the one who bought it from that auction that we had the looooooong thread about here last month. This bag is so gorgeous I want to poke my eyes out. I'm just not a purple person or I'd be all over it.
  6. I was so upset I didn't buy that one last month, I'm trying desperately to get my hands on this one! I love this color!!
  7. I don't doubt it's authenticity (its gorgeous!!) but shouldn't the top thread above the metal plate be black, not purple? Or is that just for later season bags?
  8. ACK- too late again! Great price too!
  9. OMG beautiful!!!!
  10. She is a great seller and has the best stuff for reasonable price!
  11. The leather is to die for... This Eggplant City is so stunning!
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