Eggplant City - BIN 1699 or BO

  1. I hope this goes fast so I can get out of my misery!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I was thinking about what your reaction was going to be my friend..........
  3. LOL Z, me too. Come on people. let's move this along!! :sweatdrop:
  4. Does anyone want to chip in and share?:roflmfao:
  5. OMG I love this. Not looking at the auction. You can't make me. LOL
  6. Are the undersides of the handles slightly dark, or is it my imagination?
  7. Darkened handles anybody?
  8. The handles actually look alright to me. I have an eggplant city and the shadows of the bag in this color can photograph really dark. Safer to ask for more pics though since it is going for a lot of $$.
  9. whew! thank god i don't like eggplant! LOL.
  10. The handles look good to me - much better than a lot of this seller's other bbags. Eggplant is not my thing so I'm not lusting (ok, maybe a little).

    Call me crazy, but the INSANE prices of late are a bit of a bbag buzz kill for me... It's just not fun if each purchase has to be weighed and contemplated when you know there are so many others with their credit cards ready to swoop down and pay a ridiculous price. I dunno... but this is fast becoming a spectator sport.
  11. Gorgeous !.. I'm so in love with this color!
  12. I agree with you on the prices lately. Some colors I thought that were never that rare in the first place are going for an insane amount. I'm glad I'm done lusting over older colors/styles. It's new b-bags at retail for me from here on out... unless there is an actual deal on ebay :P
  13. Wwwhhhhhyyy am I on a Buying Ban?
    I wish I hadn't looked - somebody is going to get a beautiful bag *sigh* but it won't be me....
  14. WOW!!! since when lvlady put high prices on b bags...
    i think now she's thinking balenciaga bags to covered up or maybe replace her LVs :P