Eggplant BBag

  1. Can anyone help me by posting your eggplant color BBags? I really want a dark purple bag and I think I saw a BBag in eggplant somewhere on a thread. I am thinking about a GH City, Part-Time or Giant Sac in eggplant if they are available - the color is the moct important to me. Thanks everyone for your help!

  2. mtambi, Eggplant is not a current season color and is, therefore, not available with GH. In the F/W 07 season, however, Balenciaga will have bags in Violet. We're just not sure which bags and in which kind of hardware.
  3. Thanks for the info! Is the really dark chocolate brown available in GH - I dont know thw official name.
  4. Some of the Ink bags from last year were on the purple-y side but they don't come with Gold hardware. As Monsoon mentioned Violet is being released next season and many, many ladies are eagerly awaiting confirmation of bag styles in this beautiful colour.

    BTW - Eggpants!!! Lol :flowers:
  5. Yes, the really dark chocolate is Cafe, it's from '07 and it looks fantastic with GH!
  6. Oh mine....i jus love eggplant color, isn't it fabulous? it's an older color season and is discontinued....probably u can only find them one in a while pop up on eBay if this is the purple color that u want.....:smile:
  7. Wow, celia, checked out you link to the eggplant purse. A bit pricey don't you think!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ^It is pricey but since everyone wants an eggplant BBag they are very in demand. I'd love to have one but I have to hold off on buying new bags for awhile.
  9. Yes, nowadays older bbags are in demand and hard to find. In fact, there are a few times i saw some of the bbags are sold around that BIN price and still got pple who are keen to pay that kinda of's up to individual....:yes:
  10. ^^ that eggplant purse is indeed gorgeous! And the purse style has been discontinued. I won't be surprised if it really goes for that much.
  11. Lol.... girls it just did!!! i just bought it!!! It is like my holy grail bag so i had to have it.... i know fw violet is coming out but not in the purse so it had to be mine!!!!!!!!!!

  12. CONGRATS 'Ch' pinkchristie.... :flowers: I also was interested on this and made the first bid on it ;) !! Then I was out for dinner and then .... it already was gone :crybaby:!! But the BIN was too high for me, therefore ..... it's ok and I'm looking forward to find another one (fingers crossed) :yes: :rolleyes:
  13. ^^ ACK, OMG, congrats girl!!! :nuts: :yahoo: :heart: