Eggnog: Yay or Nay??


Eggnog: Yay or Nay

  1. Yay!! Loves it!

  2. Nay!! I wanna yack!

  3. What on earth is eggnog?!

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  1. Everyone's got their opinion, so what do you say?? Yay or nay to eggnog??
  2.'s too sweet. :yucky:
  3. I chose nay, but I've never really tasted it. I don't think I'd like it, though. Plus, I hear it's loaded with calories.
  4. I've never had egg nog before but the thought of it seems weird!
  5. Plain eggnog right out of the carton, nothing special.

    Eggnog with brandy or whiskey added to it, now you're talking!:graucho:
  6. ^heehee, I like the plain kind!

    I love it, I saw egg nog-flavored ice cream at the supermarket the other day and it took all my willpower to talk out without it. :s:p
  7. ^walk out without it...
  8. I have never tried an egg nog drink before, but the other night I was at a cocktail party and they served egg nog ice cream. It was delicious!!
  9. Yuck, I hate eggnog! Every year I try it thinking I might change my mind, but never do...:throwup:
  10. Tastes yucky and too many calories. That's an easy one for me to pass up!
  11. I'm not a fan of traditional eggnog, but I still voted yay. I love non-alcoholic organic eggnog on ice and I love eggnog flavored stuff like ice cream, coffee, or especially CHOCOLATE! :nuts:
  12. I used to hate it. But then I remembered the only time I ever experienced eggnog was at school during the Christmas dinner. It was non alcoholic and topped with nutmeg.

    When I tasted it mixed with bourbon, however . . . . delicious!

  13. Have you tried the eggnog lattes from Starbucks? They mix milk and eggnog, steam it up and pour it over espresso shots. (You can ask them to just steam up straight eggnog if you rather they do that.)
  14. After trying the eggnog latte at work, I decided not to drink it regularly. Even if I used skim milk, it's still eggnog.

    And I could do the low fat option, but what's the point of that?

    Also, if you order one day in and day out up until Christmas, it's not as special.

    That's why my eggnog enjoyment is always reserved for Christmas Day.
  15. Totally nay