EggEgg few bag collection

  1. I just started to collect them!:smile:
    my colec`t..jpg
  2. bump ;)
  3. Oooh. You have a nice collection as well. :tup:
  4. Love your LV trainers!
  5. you're off to a great the sneakers
  6. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Love your gucci and fendi!!
  8. great collection! thanks for sharing
  9. Very nice collection! I really like the LV shoes too.
  10. I like the GUCCI belt bag.
  11. Sweet collection!
  12. Nice! Love the LV shoes.
  13. Real nice collection!!
  14. great collection
  15. LOVE your sneakers and the Coach tote!! I love signature/leather mixes!