EGC this me decide what to get


Nov 30, 2006
my sa informed me that theyre giving more (this time only) than what they used to for the amount you spend, so i already made up my mind on the black accordion flap and want to get one more. which one do you think is better...woc or timeless clutch? im planning someday to get a nonmetallic with silver h/w 225/226 reissue, whatever size closest to the medium flap, thinking i could also carry it messenger style, so....with this in mind, do i even consider buying the woc or just go with the clutch instead? black is the only color i want to get and right now i only have the jumbo flap, cambon pochette and another bag, similar to bowler that i dont even know the name of----the only white among my black chanel bags. and if i do get the woc, do you know if they carry the quilted one:confused1:


Feb 8, 2007
The Accordion Flap is an excellent choice! I would definitely go for the WOC, since you mentioned you would like to carry it messenger style. Would be kinda difficult with a clutch ;) And yes, there are lots of quilted WOC's :yes: