EGC Expiration date???

  1. I don't regularly shop at Saks but thought the EGC was good for 60 days after the sale date.

    I just read my email and it says that this EGC expires Sept. 30. Has anyone heard differently?

    Oh - and if I return merchandise bought to qualify for the EGC, do they reissue one in a smaller amount?
  2. yes, I believe the EGC is good for 60 days...
    I'll check on mine and update you if it's any different...
  3. thanks, I appreciate it :yes:
    I suppose I can just call tomorrow, lol!
  4. It does expire in 60 days, but if you purchase something with it before then you can always exchange it for something else later. Also, depending on your SA, they can call it in past the exp date and still get it appproved. Mine does that for me all the time.
  5. Thank you for the info!
    I may end up returning everything that I bought for the EGC, though. boohoo
  6. Oh wow sorry things did not work for you!

  7. oh thanks, luv4bags, but I went too crazy and need to rein it in a bit. the classics will always be there!