EGC at Saks, Neimans etc

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  1. We only have Saks where I live and LV is a leased department. So, LV is never included in any GC event.

    -- Is there any Neimans or Saks where LV is included in these events?
    -- Do you pay tax on LV purchase at Neimans, if you don't have a Neimans in your state?

  2. Also, please recommend an SA at a Neimans LV if you have one.
  3. I Buy all of mine from the same Saks, since they can keep all the info on you in their system it sure helps you when you need to be on a waiting list!! Having the store card helps as well, they give you reward money each year based on your shopping!!
  4. Thanks sweetpea7400. I have a Saks card so know about the points. But, we don;t have a Neimans where I live. And if LV is included in the GC deals at Neimans it might be worth ordering from them.

  5. I got my answer. I called NM yesterday and they said that LV is a leased department (company wide) and does not participate in any NM promotions. Onlyt hing you will save is tax if you don't have an NM in your city.