Efusik's Tiny Collection!

  1. Here is my tiny collection, but I LVoe it! I forgot to include my fiance's monogram canvas multiple wallet.

    Oh, and please excuse the dust pan on the bed, LOL;)!
  2. Love the Neverfull and Keepall!! :love:
  3. cute collection!
  4. Very nice collection!
  5. very nice!
  6. Thx. I had 3 other pieces, but I got rid of them. What a dumba$$!
  7. that's a wonderful collection! you have all the pieces i want! :biggrin:
  8. Great pieces!!
  9. Great Collection.
  10. You have all the key LV pieces!
  11. I love your LVs!!!
  12. Wow all mono's in you collection. very nice.
  13. I love mono's. I'm going to stick to that, unless I can get my hands on the vernis pomme d'amour heart purse!
  14. Stunning collection!
  15. :nuts:^Thank you!