Effie small satchel or Effie satchel

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  1. has anyone on here bought one ? ive looked through the thread and cannot see any mention of it ,there never seems to be any on ebay or any other resellers website, if any one has one could they tell me what its like please ,cant get to the m.shop till thurs to see one in the flesh.thank you:smile:
  2. Im not an expert but it is not dissimilar to a brooke. Messager style, with a lap closure and two pockets on the side. Just a bit bigger. From what I know I think there was only ever one size of effie.There was a message bag for males which I think was called an Alfie (?) which looked the same but was larger - hence you thinking there was two sizes.

    Effies are very rare and you rarely see them for sale. though there is one on ebay now.

    Though of course you would be thinking of the newer effie which looks like this:

  3. I was having a look at this one today and thought it was lovely - not too large, not too small, and not too pricey. The two handles are a nice touch, too.
  4. I think she means the new effie range- imo the leather isnt as good and I would worry about durability- but its a bargain price compared to most of the range now and I guess will be a definite to go up in price next month so if you want one grab it now- not been too many reveals on here but some people who dont like the big daria badge have them and love them- for me I prefer daria as I like the badge and feel the leather is superior and so it is worth the extra money
  5. Yes thank you elvisfan4life. I do mean the new range , I was thinking of holding off for the sales , but if the prices go up I could still be paying the same price as now ? , I am after a smallish bag so think it would be ideal il go to the mulberry shop this week and see it ,
  6. Oh one more question do you think they will have any in the outlets ,
  7. I've got an Effie satchel and I love it! Mines the pebbled beige patent one (last season) it's fine in the rain and is a tough bag. I haven't had any problems with mine. It's a big thumbs up from me :biggrin::tup:
  8. I've got the new season Small Effie Satchel in Snowball White Spongy Pebbled. I love it! It's quite roomy for a small bag (my Kindle fits inside it) and it's light. I've gotten caught in the rain and it dries perfectly - no watermarks at all. I've been worried about colour transfer but so far so good and I've worn it with dark coats and black jeans. I definitely recommend it. :tup:
  9. thank you im thinking of getting one Friday they do look nice

  10. Ooh, I wish you hadn't posted that link, Plemont! :biggrin: I had to take a look and it's gorgeous - although I rather like the impractical snowy white version! ;)
  11. I've just seen your post recommending the Effie satchel! :smile: It sounds fantastic and is steering me further towards to the snowball white version this season - mind you, the patent is definitely better for our weather! :graucho:
  12. I've just got the small Effie in black! It's so so gorgeous I fell in love with it completely when I saw it in the shop. The pictures in the Mulberry website does it no justice! I was originally going to purchase Antony but I thought for the price difference I should go for a more feminine bag like small Effie that you can wear for every day and even looks lovely for going out! I'd definitely recommend it :smile:
  13. i ended up with the antony !! keep thinking about the effie though ,it was the size of the strap that put me off ,its not as long as the antony ,wish id bought the effie now :sad:
  14. I bought a pink Effie Satchel in the summer and i love it. I have packed her away for winter as she is being saved as my summer bag. They are starting to appear on ebay so maybe you will have both !

  15. I was going to take my Antony back today and exchange for the small Effie before the price rise tomorrow , but fate stepped in I was stung by a wasp this morning and ended up in a &e with a allergic reaction ! , so I'm keeping the Antony I've jazzed it up a bit with the greta keychain in electric blue ! , il keep an eye for a pink Effie on eBay thought they do look nice .