Effie just arrived!

  1. Here she is! I nearly got a heartattack when the UPS man approached the house with a box that looked like it´s been in an accident involving a herd of elephants! Effie came out undamaged to my great relief:yahoo:! She´s just adorable, much smaller than I thought but that just makes her a great compliment to the Bayswater! Happy :wlae::wlae::wlae:!!!
    P1030549.JPG P1030555.JPG
  2. Woof woof. What a cool doggy. He's guarding that bag with his life!

    Effie looks great too. Good work! :tup:
  3. Wee, looks great Mymlan! Congratulations! :flowers:
  4. Lovely bag, scary dog. I would keep him well away from the bag and give him plenty of bones to chew.
  5. Great bag! It's been a day of deliveries today! There's nothing better than the sight of a UPS man with a big box under his arm!
    Congrats on Effie, looks great.
  6. Yay, congrats! Effie looks great and your dog is quite impressive - good idea to have a watchdog keeping an eye on your bags!
  7. Great bag and love your dog!!!
  8. Congrats! It is a true beauty. Did you get it from the Mulberry site? I ordered a bag for my mum on the 25th, and it still hasn't arrived:confused1:.
  9. Great bag:heart:, you must be well pleased, I long for the vision of the UPS man approaching my front door, can't be much longer now.
  10. oooh I love the effie- that might be my May bag if there is one in the outlet!! Any chance of a modelling pic?:shame:
  11. Oooo gorgeous, many congrats.
  12. Congrats! It looks great.
    I'm impatiently waiting for the UPS man to deliver my bag......
  13. Oooh- this is my favorite bag. Enjoy it! It can hold so much.

    Beautiful dog.
  14. Hey did your bag come with a complimentary guard dog!!! Hahahaha!!! Gorgeous bag,and what a handsome dog!!!
  15. I want one!! that is going to be my bag that can go on my back whilst riding my bike rather than a rucksag or a carry bag as my mom suggested.:nogood:

    Where did you get it from?