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  1. Hello. I know there has been a discussion about the difference between efashionhouse.com and efashionstore.com. I just want to make sure that efashionhouse.com is the one that sells authentics right? And which is the section that sells "designer-inspired"? Is it the "ValuesBags" section? Thanks. I just want to SUPER make sure!
  2. If you find out what website this is, can you PM me the info? TIA!! :yes:
  3. *************.com sells authentic, but member's here have had bad experiences with their customer service. The owner was a member here and she was very rude to another member who posted a complaint. That's why the name is redacted. The mods felt it was time we stopped giving them free plugs all the time.
    efashionstore.com sells fakes, but I thought they were shut down?
  4. E Fashionhouse sells authentic goods.

    As per older requests, this thread will be closed. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.