eeyores' babies

  1. Well I had posted these pics under the thread "shades of purple" and decided I should have a thread of my babies..well 2 of my babies..the other one as some of you may know is for my sister for are the babies! :smile:
    bal 007.jpg bal 006.jpg bal 005.jpg
  2. All your Bbags are beautiful!!!!!!!!!:love: They all have the BEST leather!!!:heart: :drool: :heart:
  3. wow, those are gorgeous eeyone, what colors are those (?) :love:
  4. Black First
    Ink First (that is for my sister for Christmas...I may yoink it every so often if she permits)
    Ink Twiggy
  5. classy choices. i can imagine the way you dressed :p
  6. Lovely:heart::heart: It's making me not want to part with my ink...
  7. Don't you love Ink!!!:love:

  8. lol i'm not lookin' to good today, but these purses sure make a girl want to step it up a notch when going out!

    Eventually i'll have balls to buy a bright colour....i need a good kick though :p

    I do love INK! I love it so much that my black doesn't see the light of day as much as it should.
  9. glad you went with ink for your sister. she'll love it
  10. PRETTY!! I love ink! The black first is very nice too.

    Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Very pretty bags. I especially love the ink twiggy. *sighs*
  12. Love em! Can't go wrong with ink!
  13. Ink first is super beautiful and the other ink is so slouchy...gosh u have pretty bags!! :smile:
  14. I love ink too....very nice bags, great leather.
  15. Ooh, very nice collection!! I :heart: :heart: INK!
    You are such a nice sister!!