EEW the smell

  1. A few weeks ago I started a thread about a horrible moth ball smell in a used LV handbag that I purchased. You ladies gave me great tips on getting the smell out. I have tried every tip and the smell is still there. Literally, I can smell it across the room. It has been three weeks now and I still can't use the bag. Do you think it's to late to contact the seller? My DH and I were talking about it last night he stuck his nose in it and:yucky:.

    I am thinking about having LV replace the lining. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  2. Ouch! It's probably too late but I would contact her anyway and at least ask her if she has tips to get rid of the smell!

    Ohh I am so sorry for poor Louis Vuitton! He must be embarrassed he still smells! LOL
  3. Oh no!! Did you already try the air it out and spray it with a neutralizer tip?
  4. was this from authentic_lvlady? as nice as her bags are, it seems there causing a problem for quite a few of us here. I'v brought one bag from her and fortunately the smell isnt too strong, not strong enough to notice unless you hold it close to your face. But if you can smell it from across the room thats terrible! you should probably contact the seller, as i guess if it smells so much you wont use it much.
  5. I did a search on your problem....

    Both of the tips beelow come from Eliminating Mothball Odors

    "This isn't an inexpensive solution, unfortunately, but it should work. From a hardware store or home center, you need to purchase some type of "biological" odor killer or odor eater. Odors Away is one. I think Odors Begone might be another. Something of that nature, but the words "biological" must be in the description somewhere.
    This is expensive stuff, but it works! They're odorless; you can use them on your skin, your pets, in your house, all over. They remove cigarette smoke, skunk odors, septic odors - you name it! Great stuff. Save up your pennies and try some. You should just be able to spray the clothes and air them out or you might even pour some solution into the wash when you try again. It might take several applications to remove the entire odor, but it will work!"


    "Take a large trash bag and put your clothes in it along with dryer sheets (like Bounce). Let them sit for 48 hours (or longer if needed). Your clothes will smell great! I used this method when I took my belongings out of storage after 3 years!I washed the sheets, pillowcases, curtains and clothes but still had moldy or mothball smells. They disappeared when I put them in trash bags with the dryer sheets. It seems to absorb and remove the odors."
  6. Sorry to hear that the smell won't go away. Have you tried contacting the boutique or LV? They might have some suggestions.

    If worst comes to worse, you can always (like you said) replace the lining. It's cheap!
  7. I bought a used LV from a seller that stunk to high heaven of moth balls. I tried EVERYTHING and ended up throwing it in the garbage. I would contact the seller and see about returning it. Now I always ask about smells when I buy used LV.
  8. What kind of bag is it?
    Keep in mind that some monogram bags do not have lining and the lining is the canvas itself and so replacing the lining is not possibl (such is the case with the Speedy).

    It seems like a long time but don't forget that the bag has been exposed to that "scent" for much longer than 3 weeks so it'll be a while before it's gone completely.
    Keep it in an airy location. Do not keep it in the closet or places that doesn't get any air in it. Add a dryer sheet. There are also quite a bit of solutions (made specifically for pet odors) that tend to do the job.
    Wish you the best of luck!
  9. I feel so sorry for this bag that I actually hauled it with me to New England and thought maybe the cold fresh air would have helped. It has become my rescue LV and also feel bad that it is quarantined from the rest of my LV's. It has been hanging out in this cold air and still stinks.

    Its not from Authentic- I have been there done that with her..

  10. There is a product I have bought at the Container Store, they are blue cup sized things with holes in the side and filed with some sort of natural stone. I think they are called "fridge refresh" or something. Anyway, I have used them in my fridge and freezer forever, they work so much better than baking soda, and they last forever. So after getting some smelly bags, I bought one to use just with bags. I put it in a thin wrapping of cheesecloth (because they can be dusty) and then put that in the bags. I got 90% of the smokey smell out of one bag, unfortunately it still bothered me, so I sold it. The other used bag I bought had a faint musky/moth ball smell, it is completely gone now. :yes:
  11. JoJo:

    It has the red lining alcantra (sp?) that is what I think the problem is. It has just absorbed it .:flowers:

  12. I was just reading that "fresh air" is the only thing that will get rid of the mothball smell. The man said plenty of fresh air. I mean, if you leave it outside every day in the shade it will probably take a good month or two but the smell should go away eventually. Also did you try putting a dryer sheet in there and leaving it? I got something once that smelled of mothballs and I put a leather item in side it and eventually the leather smell overtook the mothball smell. Good luck!! I hope it works out for you.
  13. I got a bag off ebay with a dreadful will not go away...I aired out sprayed it with is terrible
  14. What have you tried? Please list them out so we can use this thread as a reference! :yes:

    I am weary of purchasing from let-trade and other HK sellers with gorgeous bags simply because of the possible moth ball smell :crybaby:
  15. Bounce Dryer Sheets
    Charcoal in a little bag
    Odor eater (from my DH sneakers)
    Texas Air (next to a open window)
    Still Stinks

    I now have Downy Simple Pleasures Vanilla and Lavender Scent dryer sheets
    New England Air
    Still Stinks
    Its strange that it does not even pick up a hint of anything I put inside. When I pull the sheet out the moth ball smell overwhelms the inside again.

    The Downy Simple Pleasure sheets smell great in your car!!.. FYI.
    Im giving up for sure..:sad: