eew! fake fall 2008 vuittons already online!

  1. I finally got a chance to see the fall look book this past weeked. yay! i waitlisted for the mirage speedy and cruise speedies. :heart: i decided to google the mirage line just a few minutes ago, to see if any other sites besides tpf had any photos and what did i find- faux mirrage bags are already available! eew!:crybaby:

    here's the link:
    please don't post links to sites you KNOW are counterfeit.
  2. Damn these people are quick!!!
  3. lord ..have they even hi tthe LV stores yet ? it;s ridicoulus!!!
  4. :wtf:
  5. eeeew! i cant believe fakers. grosss!
    jeez thay are quick!
  6. $219!!! I feel sick!

    OMG I just clicked on the corsaire I could scream!
  7. have you seen their logo "buy the next best thing"

  8. gosh. i can't believe how fast they are. =*(
  9. I've just reported!
  10. Hope their site is removed.
    Lot of money for a fake bag.
  11. It's ridiculous how far people would go to make a buck! a;lsdjfal; :cursing:
  12. :wtf::nuts::cursing:
  13. whoa. that is FAST.
  14. This makes my stomach turn! These people are total bottom feeders!