Eew! Bad Fakes on Craigslist!

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  1. I've heard of these purse parties, it just horrifies me!
  2. ugh....I see listiings like that alll the time. I feel bad for people who don't know better andf buy them.
  3. What?!?!
  4. haha i look of craigslist a lot i havent seen these purse party postings but i am SO not surprised haha craigslist has such bad fakes it so lame!

    theres like 2/40 that are authentic

    i have bought 2 LVs off craigslist but i had the ppl meet me at bloomies, because even tho LV boutiques wont authenticate the people at the LV counter at bloomies are SO nice and they totally are willing to look @ it and tell you

    so thats how i made sure what i was getting was for real , and i think it was (if i dont say so myself haha ) a really great idea of mine it worked out well! :smile:
    but then i resold one of them cause i wasnt using it

    but yea craigslist is SO bad!
  5. those "Gucci's" made me burst out laughing
    same with the "coach" sig checkbook wallet, because I have that wallet and that fake one is not even close!
  6. Purse Parties are HUGE here in Rhode Island.

  7. Well at least they mentioned that these are replicas. But they are bad replicas. The best ones come from Korea I think. I have seen those Korean replicas and I cannot really tell.