Eep! Dumpster divers with my credit card offers...

  1. Uh-oh.

    I admit to being deeply stupid by not tearing up my credit card offers. However, my roommates and I let them accumulate and so we had about a billion, we just dumped them.

    Well, just now I saw a bunch of guys going through our trash and taking out whole bags... they put them on a wagon attached to their bikes.

    So now they have a ton of my credit card offers, and my roommates'... am I in big trouble? :Push:
  2. i DOUBT you're in big trouble, but i'm not totally sure..

    good luck.. stupido dumpster divers, eh.
  3. Thanks, Barbie. Stupid me, really!
  4. well, they dont have your social security number...
  5. Aren't there places on the internet that you can check your credit report and it would show if you had any extra credit cards you did not know about.
    I know there is a way to pull it up. The last car I bought, they had my credit history and I saw old cards from Spiegel, etc that I no longer had. Luckily I paid the bills on time.
  6. ^^^^
    That's true. I'm just extra-paranoid there's some way around that -- which, apparently there is. I heard on Oprah that if you hassle the credit card providers, they'll let you get away without using your social security number.
  7. I always shread every piece of mail that could have some important information on it. Bank statements, bank advertisements, credit card offers, not-important school papers, etc. I won't take that chance!
  8. Yeah, good idea to rip up and shred from now on for peace of mind. I have fun doing this by hand as I don't have a it a cheap form of stress relief when I get home from work! :lol:

    I would hope there are checkpoints out there to make sure the responder to those offers is legit due to dumpster diving and all sorts of identity theft out there.
  9. someone overseas has been charging up my card for 2 months now!!!
  10. thats disgusting! one day i went to pay for my school with my moms credit card and it got declined because someone was charging her card in mexico on the same day!! LOL. so i almost got booted from UNI, while some @#%@ was buying frickin tequila and getting away with it, under my mom's name! lol.. but it all got sorted out.. phewf
  11. I think you should sign up for the credit report that has a program that alerts you if there's any new credit line being opening up. I think they can freeze it everytime until you call and give them the okay for it. I think the offer it at any of the three company (transunion, etc.) that you sign up with. Hope nobody oversees is racking up credit card bills under your name.:sad:
  12. I really need to be more careful. I don't shred my CC offers like I should. I get so many of them that I just tear them in half and toss them. I need to order my credit report for review anyway.
  13. I would get a credit report regularly, just to make sure there's nothing fishy going on. Hopefully everything will be fine! :smile:
  14. I've been a victim of ID theft twice.

    You are in BIG trouble.

    Call your credit card companies TODAY and tell them what happened. Ask for new account numbers.

    Buy a subscription to one of those credit report agencies. Get one that will let you put a lock on people checking your credit report without your specific authorization.

  15. :wtf: That is really scary. I always shred my mail. My husband thinks I am nuts but it is really important!

    I would definitely stay on top of your credit report!

    Sorry this happened to you...