eenie meenie...

  1. minie moe. or however you spell it. :p

    i need opinions on a new bag. :nuts:

    gallery tote (probably in black sig). maybe as a school bag?

    metallic hobo. don't know where i would wear this, but i'm loving it...

    blue hobo. love the springy and cute.

    carly in leather. or sig. i'm not picky. i feel compelled to get one, just 'cause...

    i'm being good. :whistle:
  2. Carly or the gallery tote :smile: Carly more though!
  3. i'm been wanting a gallery tote...but these all look so freaking HUGE.

    the carly is growing on me now...
  4. gallery tote. but I know you're going to sell off and return those purses before you buy this...right?
  5. uh, yeah. totally...
  6. the gallery tote is cute.
    although i'm lovin' the carly too.....
  7. The gallery tote is my personal fave.
  8. i think if you want a school bag, go with the large carly. i saw a girl using it today and so i talked to her and she told me after trying the gallery, sig stripe, and carly the carly was the best for all her school stuff.
  9. yes! carly FTW

    but between those four i'd get two or four...because they're more unique...unless you really love the light blue then #3.

    gallery totes we'll always have some version so unless you absolutely love it..

    g'luck with your decision! it's a toughie
  10. whoa. didn't think the carly was THAT big...

    and if i'm going for a school bag, i gotta have structured...
  11. so, is it safe to say we've weeded out the metallic hobo? or, rather, both hobos?
  12. her carly didnt look big, its just shaped differntly than the gallery so it was better suited for the school stuff. i think this weekend im going to go pick one up.

    i have never been a fan of hobos but the blue is stunning and perfect for spring/summer
  13. Kallison, actually the metallic hobo is my favorite of the ones you posted. Metallics are very "in" this season. So, if you are worried about the bag being last season in a few months, then you might want to stay away. To me, it has a very fresh look.
  14. okay. i really do love the blue hobo...but i'm pretty sure i can find something cute and springy at the outlet- i think i saw some greens and pinks last time.

    now to decide between the other three...
  15. I have the gallery tote in gold patchwork, and I really don't think it carries all that much. I would go with the carly.