EEKS! I bought my first BV. I am in love & in shock!!

  1. I made the leap today and bought my first BV at Neiman Marcus. I was looking for something not too big, not too small, not too slouchy, etc. and the SA found the perfect bag. I can't figure out how to load the photos so I will try to describe it. It is about 14" wide on the bottom and about 12" wide at the top x 10" tall. It is black woven leather with a zipper across the top. The handle is like the cocker--a big braid. There are big brass rings--one on each side of the end of each braid. The side is almost like an accordian with a brass/gold chain trim around it. You can't carry it on the shoulder. It is a hand carry. I am in love with it but I am in shock over buying a $2100 bag:yes:
  2. CONGRATULATIONS! I can't WAIT to see photos!!!
  3. Welcome to tPF, and congrats on your first BV!!! :yahoo:

    Ya bag sounds lovely, but I can't seem to picture it right in my head, so I'll wait for one of the other BV experts (ladies, anyone?) here to identify the bag, before I go check out how it looks like.

    Do you already have pics? I'd be glad to walk you through uploading pics. I'm dying to see how ya BV looks like! :yes:
  4. I am new so I would love some help with the pics. I have them saved on my computer and I can see how to upload them but it keeps giving me an error message because the files are too large...this is stupid, but I don't know how to save it in the right format.
  5. Ok, I think I now have photos attached.
    IMG_0123.JPG IMG_0125.jpg
  6. It actually is a bit more slouchy than in the pictures (sorry about the quality) and it expands to hold a lot!
  7. Never seen this before, love the handle, congratulations!:yahoo:
  8. Thank you. The pics don't do it justice. They also had it in a beautiful gold color.
  9. What a pretty bag- I love those handles!
  10. :yahoo: Congratulations!!! I saw that bag in the Chicago NM today and loved it. It must be a new style. It has the tiny chain detail, right? So beautifully made and classy. Enjoy!!
  11. Yes, it has the chains. Thank you!
  12. Congrats genamarie, welcome to the BV club! :drinkup:

    This is such a beautiful and elegant looking bag. Love the brass details, add just that bit of edge to the bag. No help on the name as I have not seen this bag before and no idea what it’s called.
  13. :nuts: Oh wow!!!

    That bag is GORGEOUS!!! One of the nicer black BVs IMO! So classy! :love:
  14. WOW! :nuts: your new BV looks very very beautiful. :drool:
    Congrats and enjoy!!!:yahoo:
  15. Beautiful! I saw it in person and it's a classic. Go and have a celebratory drink and enjoy what you spent your money on! When I bought my first Balenciaga bag almost 4 years ago, this is what the SA said to me when I handed over my credit card and she saw the pain on my face. I have used and depreciated that bag (and my BVs) so many times that I can justify a classic purchase now. I still make mistakes though, like the Fendi B bag I bought last summer. Beautiful colour and shape, but not suitable for my lifestyle (too small for my stuff, can't be carried on the shoulder too comfortably etc). But a BV bag, like the style you got, is a classic. The trouble is, once you start enjoying it, you kinda start craving another one! Once again, big congrats!