eek.....What to do with my hair?? (how to style thick wavy hair?)

  1. Hi peeps :nuts:

    I have THICK (INCREDIBLY thick) wavy hair...........I dont know how to style it at all :push:

    I used to have pin straight hair when I was younger, but what do you know??:shrugs: Im an Asian girlie with thick thick wavy, black hair

    and, with the heat/humidity, its FRIZZY, and puffy


    I have tried that stuff where you have your hair washed, and you scrunch it with cream/gel/serum, and those dont work

    Ive tried layers, Ive tried layers underneath my hair, Ive tried ALOT of hair products, but I just dont know what to do :hrmm::shrugs::s

    I need you help guys!

  2. Sounds like you're describing my hair. I have trouble with it too, I'd love some advice!!
  3. I have really thick wavy hair as well but they are random waves and not all over. And right now my hair is short, above my shoulder with lots of layers. there are a few sections that still get wavy. but overall its not too hard to maintain. I use Rusk Being Undressed Gloss. it adds shine and texture. i like to use it even when i flat iron my hair and it works wonders. i also use this conditioner, at the moment i don't remember what its called, but its in an orange bottle. it leaves my hair softer than most conditioners. i'll post the name of it later when i get home.

    hope this information helps. i have trouble with my hair all the time.
  4. thanks!

    ^^ is the stuff in the orange bottle called Kerastate?
  5. Make sure you are only washing it every other day. Your natural oils will condition it. I also have very thick wavy hair, but I think of it as one of my best assets! Better than thin flat hair, believe me.
  6. The conditioner is by Matrix and its the sleek.look line, called smoothing conditioner. around $15 for a regular size bottle. you can find it even at your local Targets.
  7. HAHA...I have had this trouble my whole life....I have, what I like to call, "confused" of it are super straight, super curly, but generally wavy all over!!!

    Other than a pony tail....the straightening shampoo/ conditioner seems to work...Sunsilk, as cheap as it is, works great!
  8. I second the Sunsilk comment. I use the Anti-Poof shampoo and conditioner and it really works great for my hair. Except now I just use their brunette line since I colored it dark but I really like their products. They smell great, too.