eek.. to tell or not to tell... a fake bag carrier

  1. i see so many fakes...many of them really really blatent and bad... so my question is... do i open my big fat mouth? on one hand, they might've gotten ripped off! on the other they may have intentionally bought a fake? oh what to do!!! :biggrin:
  2. you can be nice, and ask them where they got the bag, or how much it was, or what style that is cuz it's "really cute". they'll fumble with words as they find something like, "oh i got it on sale at Nordstrom" or something stupid like "oh this is a super limited edition only available to VIP's."

    or you can be like me, and be a total beyotch and straight up say, "hey your bag is a really cute fake." or "do you like to blow people up with bombs? cuz the people who made your bag does."

    i haven't done it in a while though.
  3. A friend of mine just got a fake bag and my OTHER friend told her that it was fake. Needless to say, the friend with a fake isn't speaking to the one that told her that it was a fake! Are you still with me?:lol: Anyhow, if it's somebody you know, don't bother saying anything at all. It will just make them feel imbaressed and they prob. already know that it's a fake.
  4. all my friends know better than to carry a fake around me. lol. and they tell their friends if i'm coming and they have anything to hide it, or ask me to authenticate it. :lol:
  5. Honestly, I don't think it's a good idea (not our business) to embarrass someone and point out that their bag is a fake. Most importantly, not a stranger. I think it will make them resentful rather than appreciate your comments.
  6. eh, i guess. but IMO, they're strangers, they'll see you that one moment and you disappear for the rest of their life. they can take it with a grain of salt, or have it completely ruin their day, oh well. they shouldn't be carrying a fake bag around to begin with.
  7. I think I would say something if it were a friend, as I wouldnt want them to have gotten ripped off.. if thats the case... because no one should pay $800-$1000 for a fake..
  8. lol, no one should pay more than $50 for a fake period!
  9. My mother-in-law bought a fake Monogram Petite Bucket. I of course said something and brought along my authentic one to let her see the differences. She does not care at all that it is obviously fake and carries it (she is not one to concern herself with anyone else's opinion - that's one reason she is so awesome). But I get a little squeamish when we are both attending a function or going out for dinner and I carry my LV and she carries her fake.
  10. oh i agree! heee... they got scammed on ebay! :sad: blech!
  11. i admire her strength and confidence, but sadly I've been told many fake bags (in general, not just LVs) fund all sorts of sordid activities... from exploitive labor practices to striaight up terrorism... dont know how much of it is hype, but doing a little research it seems to be true... :sad:
  12. Personally, I would NEVER buy a fake (never have and never will). What other people do is none of my business. I see your point about wanting to let somebody know, just in case they have been ripped off, but I believe that people that purchase fakes know that they are getting a fake even if they don't want to admit to it.
  13. I dont say anything verbally, but my eyes are pretty expressive:blink: :lol:
  14. I don't say anything...

    My first LV was a fake. I bought it in 1983 -- all I knew was that I LOVED "the brown and beige purses with some sort of pattern and initial on it" -- one day I saw someone selling them in downtown San Antonio on the street and I bought one (looks like today's Papillon) for $35.

    I had just moved to San Antonio from a small Maine college town and honestly didn't know any better. At that time everybody in SA were wearing these cute dresses embroidered with flowers and they were being sold right next to the purses so I thought it was a "city thing." :shame:

    I LOVED that purse and had no idea who even made the real ones. I didn't shop in the mall too often but one day I walked into a store in Dallas and spotted the LV counter. That's when I knew mine was FAKE! :yucky:
  15. I agree with that.
    I always have friends and aquaintances inviting me to "purse parties"
    The invite usually sounds something like "you like Louis Vuitton! You should come to this purse party. You can save money and get a bag that looks JUST LIKE the real thing!"

    If saving my money was an issue, I certainly wouldn't be at a purse party trying to buy a $40 knock off of an $800 bag.

    I've had people BRAG to me that they're carrying a fake because they feel like they got some kind of bargain :huh:

    And if someone wants to support all the things that counterfeits are SAID to fund, then that's their business.
    I just tell them "Sorry, I don't condone fakes"