EEK! This legacy must have belonged to edward scissorhands! LOL

  1. Yikes!! .. I wonder what the heck happened to it?? Who would do that.. Poor little bag...:crybaby:
  2. I know! Aw... the poor wittle baby. It looks sad. A coach LOVER needs to take this one home and give it some TLC.
  3. Maybe we should have a moment of silence for this bag?
  4. Yes. Let's. And pray that perhaps a doctor wins the auction and can bring it back to life.
  5. Poor bag!
  6. aw. everyone bow their heads and say a prayer for that bag...

    kinda reminds me of a charlie brown just needs a little love...
  7. It looks like they put something on it that they shouldn't have - moisturizer, saddlesoap, mink oil...
  8. i literally screamed a little...this is a sad moment in my life.
  9. oh poor baby! That is not a bag lover!
  10. Oh gosh.....:sad:
  11. Wow. That is rough!
  12. Poor bag.
  13. The item condition says it's a sore return.

    Can you actually return a bag in that condition?

  14. Poor little bag. Makes me so sad. :crybaby: