EEK -- need help with rouge vif bag

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  1. I :cursing: 'd up -- I wore my rouge city bag with new dark wash jeans and the blue rubbed off onto the bag.

    Which cleaner (if any) is going to get this off? There is a blue spot on the back of the bag and on the back corners:crybaby:
  2. oh man, that sucks royally. try a baby wipe? that usually works.
  3. ^^ thanks, I will try that first!
  4. let me know if it works or not!
  5. or try Oil of Olay face wipes. I think that they work better than baby wipes.:yes:
  6. you can use baby wipe on the bags?????
  7. Baby wipes did not work -- I stopped when I realized that the red was coming off on the wipe.

    Now that I am home from LA, I will go to Burlington Coat Factory and get some apple gaurd cleaner to try.
  8. Robyn, try Apple Garde cleaner. My light bbags pick up color transfer from clothes sometimes and Apple Garde's cleaner has always removed it all for me.
  9. ^^ Thanks, I will try that tommorow.
  10. I used the apple guard and the blue stain is not completely gone, but one would really have to know where it was and look carefully to see it. I suspect that as I use the bag more what is left of the stain will blend in with the normal aging and wear and tear.

    Where the apple guard REALLY excelled was the used day bag I bought off of eBay last week.

    This was the first (and probably last) time that I had ever bought a used bag and I was really dissappointed when it arrived. The seller described it as "very good" condition, but it was so faded looking that I would have called it more like "fair."

    Well, I guess the seller knew what she was talking about, two heavy coats of apple guard conditioner later -- after I replaced the split tassles with the spares that the seller was kind enough to include -- she is certainly a lovely bag:wlae:
  11. Eeeek...My deepest condolences, since I know there's nothing worse than flawing a brand new bag!! :shocked: Don't be too worried though, try using some Apple Garde on it and buffing it out. Hope it works!! :flowers:
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