EEK! Miss Magenta is finally here! Come see!!!


Mar 19, 2006
The Great Plains
I was getting horribly frustrated with DHL, the company that delivers for Nords and had emailed a couple of times concerning my package containing my magenta Bleecker Duffle! I didn't expect to get it for another couple of days but I ran into the PO today to mail off a package and my delivery guy was there. He told me to hang on a minute and he'd give me a package that had just come in for me!! Well, miracle of miracles! It was my Bleecker!!! I rushed home to open it up and check it out! All I can say is WOW! It is stunning! The color is just what I had hoped for, a beautiful deep rasberry and the leather is TDF! Yes, it's a big bag but slouchy and yummy! I am beyond satisfied and am concerned that my other bags will now suffer neglect because of this beauty! Here's some pics. I tried my best to capture the true color and I 'think' I came pretty close! I highly recommend this bag if you can deal with her amble body! LOL!


For reference, I am 5'5" and a size 12/14. I have the same items in this bag that I fit into my slim flaps and my legacy shoulder bag, nothing more. But I can fit a TON more in it if I need to!!


Dec 27, 2006
W-O-W!! Stunning....I keep thinking I can't carry a bag like this off (color-wise) but all of you with your magenta duffles are making me think otherwise! They look beautiful on you all!

didn't mean to

I love spring!
Jan 8, 2007
Wow, that is gorgeous!! I didn't really care for the large bleeker duffles b/c they are so big. (not that I mind a big bag b/c the ergo tote is my current bag and I love it. but this duffle seemed so big and circular at the base.) Of course I didn't bother to take out all of the stuffing, well, duh!, that makes a HUGE difference! This bag looks amazing on you!! And the color is simply stunning!! Enjoy!!


Stupid Lamb
Jun 11, 2007
The Great Lone Star State!
Beautiful! I love the color but I'm not a big bag fan. It looks great on you though. I just don't like to have big bags on me. I still keep hoping that Coach will come out with the Bleeker Flap in that color. DO YOU HEAR ME COACH?!?!?!? :lol:


Aug 6, 2006
:girlsigh: Magenta is absolutely beautiful! I really like that bag and it looks fab on you. It doesn't hurt that the bleeker leather is wonderful either!


Is trying to behave
Aug 25, 2006
I love it! It looks gorgeous on you! Congrats on another stunner:yahoo: