Eek Lol!

  1. That's... um... interesting...

    I hope they fired who ever came up with that!

    Isn't the drilldown fun? I love seeing everything they've made. I'm sad some things can't be found anymore though.
  2. Ita with you. There were some gorgeous bags that I've missed out on. :sad:

    But clearly not the first one you posted. Maybe some would like it but it is not my style at all. I do love that wristlet that you posted-so pretty!

    I need to play with the dd when I can find a little time. But I fear seeing even MORE bags to add to my eBay wishlist!
  3. all i have to say is beware of the drilldown, it makes you "need" everything LOL. i've seen a list lemme tell ya, thank god i'm not saving the numbers LOL
  4. I play with the drilldown when I get bored too... It's FUN!!!
  5. ^^UGH!^^
    That makes me want MORE!
  6. Thanks guys, now you have given me a new hobby along with a list of new things I want :p
  7. I LOVE the 8657!!!!! I would pay a lot for that one!