Eek! Just bought this Burberry trench...

  1. Burberry - Irene Cotton Trench Coat -

    It's so perfect and exactly what I wanted (complete classic- to replace and majorly upgrade the Banana Republic one I have, lol which is about 4 years old and on its last legs) but ack! So expensive!

    Someone please remind me I am going to wear this ALL the time and probably get a lot more use out of it than my last four purchases totaling the same amount! :yes:
  2. NO DOUBT!!!!!
    you'll use it everyday!;)
  3. very lovely.
    Such a cute coat. So reminds me of Charlotte in SATC.

    congrats, I think its a great trench
  4. You will wear this for years to come and all the time. The burberry trench is such a staple piece and doesn't go out of style IMO. Enjoy your new purchase.

  5. I completely agree!
  6. I have been looking at this trench as well, great choice. Timeless classic piece that will last you for years. Can you please post once you receive it so we can ooh & ahh
  7. :biggrin: i'm thinking about getting a burberry trench but I'm wincing at the price too. My SA told me to get black :smile:. Yours looks great! Can't wait for pictures!
  8. I inherited my grandmother's Burberry trench from the 60's and it is still in perfect condition and super-stylish, so don't worry!!! It will go the distance and cost-per-wear will end up around the -$100 mark!!
  9. I want this coat. The price doesn't seem unreasonable at all. It's a Burberry!
  10. I purchased a Burberry trench about a year ago and I still love it. I live in So Cal so as soon as it gets cold enough I'll pull it out.
  11. That is gorgeous!! You will definitely get plenty of wear out of that this year and for MANY years to come!

  12. This is one classic piece you'll never regreat buying! Congrats!
  13. it's beautiful :biggrin: congrats! wonderful purchase that will be useful for years to come ^^
  14. Thanks you guys! :smile:
  15. Ohmigosh! I'm saving up for one of these. Excellent use of money, if you ask me!