eek. is this for real?

  1. Hmmmm, with that opening bid, I would say she doesn't REALLY want to sell her bag.....
  2. " It is stunning and it is breaking my heart to sell it because it was my favorite Louis Vuitton piece in my collection and in my opinion the most adorable style and print Louis has ever had! "

    Doesn't sound like she really wants to sell it. And with a price like that, I doubt anyone would buy it. But whatever floats her boat!

    "Like diamonds, a REAL Louis is forever!!"

    Yeah, for that amount of money on this bag, I'd rather have a diamond!
  3. dang!

    For that price you'd think she's have better lighting for her photos!
  4. I think so, the price is too much ;) I saw thehuangfamily's. She has brand new too but the max she's asking not more than $2000, I thought.
  5. :wtf: x 1 million

    WHAT THE F$%^!!?!??! That person's outta their mind.

  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  7. lol Swanky.. thats what i thought too.. i thought her lighting made her bag look kind of used. :p
  8. A beauty but not for that price. Uummmm, I don't think so!
  9. Yeah I saw that last mom and I had a good laugh lol.
  10. She's out of her mind!
  11. :wtf: TOO Crazy!!!
  12. Did she not check to see how much others have sold for in the last little while? Or at current auctions?
  13. WHOA- she must really want to keep that bag!
  14. How much do these normally go for and in the other two colors?