EEK, I knew exactly what I would buy with my EPCE

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  1. I knew which handbag I wanted to buy with my EPCE and now I am confused. I was going to buy the lg Kristin hobo in either brown or smoke blue. I went to the Coach website this morning and they have put out quite a few new bags in gorgeous colors, especially the mia maggie in cranberry and the mia maggie sateen outline in dark brown. What are your opinions? At least I have until sat. to make up my mind. So many of you have had issues with the patent leather bags. I have one patent and have had no problems, but I rotate quite often.
  2. Good Question! I would love know about this too.My sophia has patent leather handles as well the trim and longer strap!
  3. I have two patent Zoes (green and crimson) and have had absolutely no problems with them at all, and I carried that green one a LOT! I love the new Cran Maggie, she looks gorgeous, but I also love the style of the Kristen! Good luck deciding!
  4. Oh my, what a decision

    look at your collection now and then look at the site and narrow it down

    then go to the store and try them on, sometimes pics cant show you how heavy they are and how they ride on your shoulder

    but,,,,,, i sure do favor that croc embossed sophia and the Madison shoulder bag, and the Kristin large hobo

    good luck
  5. might want to keep an eye on this thread, or watch for pics of the cranberry Mia....vaquerano1 says it's more of a pink/purple -- that sounds more like raspberry than cranberry to me
  6. I would say go in and try them on.That way you can really see everything.It is hard when there are so many colors to choose from, coach doesn't make it easy,lol.The styles you are speaking of sound like great choices:smile:Good Luck
  7. Are you sure about the color blue smoke? It Really doesnt look like it does online.
  8. How different does it look than the color on the website?
  9. I love the blue smoke....JMO but I think it does look pretty much like the online pic....a little different but not way off.

    I took out my black patent Sabrina today....had that for like a year and half no issues at all. Same with my patent Anthracite Garnet
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    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010

    My opinion is that it is dark. I wish that I wouldn't have erased my pics of it. Even the flash made it look lighter than it is when I took them. I took one without flash it was true in that one. But darn it I dont have them anymore.

  11. Thanks lov. Anne
  12. That Mia Maggie in brown caught my eye right away this morning too! Love it--perfect for fall and winter.
  14. It really looks pretty doesn't it. I like the subtle sigs.