Eek! i just ordered a griege oval clutch! they are still out there!

  1. :nuts: i just ordered an oval clutch from the NM in White Plains! Thanks to TPF member Kat for passing along the info! I think the SA named Mann at NM said they have one white oval left. i also called Balny today and they said they have 2 truffle ovals left. i will post my clutch when i get it in the mail. i had major anxiety before ordering it bc i dont really "need" another bbag esp after ordering the LE magenta but i just couldnt stop thinking about the fact that i may not get another chance since they are discontinued. im glad i did it!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats!!! :drool: Can't wait to see pictures!
  3. Congrat! Since saw pic of Cracker and Hmwe Oval's I have been :heart: it!

    Post pic when you receive it! :nuts:
  4. Congrats! Been craving a griege anything for the longest time! Can't wait to see it.
  5. Congratulations! I love the oval clutch, its such a unique, fun shape. You'll have to model it for us when you get it.

    If anyone else is interested in one, I'm pretty sure Balenciaga Paris still has a rouille left.
  6. Yay for your greige oval! I'm really glad to see the OVAL make a big come back this year!!!

  7. I keep seeing your greige oval incoralblue... Makes me crave for something greige!!! :drool:
  8. after seeing the photo of mk olson wearing the white oval clutch i had to get it. im just as short as those twins and if they can pull it off so can i!!! :nuts: will post some fab pics! heeeey!
  9. Yep! We're sure you can work it!!!

  10. HAHA, i :heart: u ICB! i'm gonna work it!
  11. congrats! post pics when you get it... I LOVE greige!
  12. MK- ouch, those shoes!
  13. :confused1: umm...and who was singlehandedly responsible for the oval's comeback...? :supacool:

    I confess...I got a greige oval, too ....all on account of the one you ended up returning! thanks!!!! yay!

    but Back to OP! CONGRATS Obcessd!!! You will surely love her!!!!
  14. LOVE the Oval!:love: Congrats, Obcessd!:yes:
  15. congrats!! greige ovals are TDF!!