Eek, got a bit carried away at Bicester!

  1. Went for a flying visit to Bicester yesterday, on the way to Brum. Told DH was just going to *browse* in the Mulberry store, and ended up buying two bags by the time we had finished :shame:

    First was a Bayswater in antique chocolate - hubby really likes this one (and in fact it was him that kind of persuaded me into it??!!) I like it too, but I'm just not sure if I should have held out for the oak:shrugs: Will have to consider this more carefully - but actually, I don't really *need* an oak bag any more, because.....

    About an hour later, he went back to get a wallet, and I ended up buying an oak Belgrave :nuts:

    I've had to persuade myself that this is really ok, as one would be a birthday present (overdue from October!), and one can be for Christmas. That sounds ok doesn't it?!

    Also, for any of you who were interested in the Phoebe, they had several in oak, and a couple in the green - can't remember, is it olive or apple? Think it might be Olive, like Dita's and SJ's? Anyway, all at the clearance price of £297.00.

    They also had loads of Blenheims (oak and chocolate for sure) and Rosemarys (I think oak, choc and black) - pretty sure these were also at a clearance price?

    They had the Annie in oak and black,(veeery tempted by this one - adding to my dilemma!) and several Bayswaters, including the chocolate leaves one. In fact they had so many scrummy bags, I could go on forever :heart:
  2. Lovely and nice DH, you lucky girl! Post pics!!!!!
    And of course, you always deserve a present!!
  3. Dammit!! Black Annies !!! I WILL RESIST!! I HAVE A BLACK BAG!!!!!

    How much btw???
  4. :smile: Thanks for the reassurance Kroquet!

    Will try and post piccies tomorrow - bit of a dummy with the computer, but I'll give it my best shot!

    Meant to say earlier that if anyone is after anything in particular from the outlet,let me know, and I'll do my best to remember what was there. It's so long since I was last there that I didn't realise they've moved location - the new store was really impressive!

  5. Chaz, they were £419 - but you can get an extra 10% off by using the voucher in Marie Claire (I legged it to Tesco next door to do just this!)

    Also saw your lovely Babington - they had oak and black, and both were stunning. Betcha can't wait to use it!

    ooo,thats quite good!
  7. :yes: Mmm Mmm
  8. Oooooh, Alycat - fab bargains. Two in one visit is very impressive! Looking forward to seeing pics :yes:

    I was in Bicester on Monday and they didn't have any Annies so they must have restocked. The Phoebes are in olive - there were two apple bags at the back of the store when I was there but they weren't Phoebes. Did you see the painted Roxanne? It was :throwup: (imho!)
  9. Well done 2 bags in one visit - when can we see the pictures??

    Did they by any chance have any red mabels in stock or any mabels at all??
  10. Think they may have re-stocked on Wednesday - that was the day they got the Bayswaters and Belgraves in, anyway. The Phobes were really cute, and such a fab price!

    I can't remember the painted Roxanne - either someone has snapped it up, or maybe my memory is working selectively (as in, not registering anything I didn't like!) They did have a couple of chocolate Roxannes though, and very gorgeous they were too :heart:
  11. Tara, I didn't see any red mabels, but they had a red Bayswater, or the mabel in oak.

    I have to say the oak mabel was truly gorgeous, but it was in that very fine leather - is it 'light antiqued' or something like that :shame: It looked to be the same leather as the Hanover (they had one of those in oak too!). Much as I love it, I really fear that it wouldn't be very durable - epecially not compared to something like Darwin or glove.
  12. That red bayswater sounds glorious,I have requested a black or maybe oak Annie for Christmas. Oh!!!! Decisions,decisions!! By the way I can't pronounce Bicester at all
    (from Ireland) and heard someone English pronouncing it ,sounded totally different.Don't want to embarass myself with a taxi driver if I make it to the meet in May.
    Sorry to be rambling on,but I get so envious of you all discussing names of bags I've never seen!!!
  13. Aine think Bisto but with an er at the end not an o
  14. OMG oak hannover - I love that bag!!! And had totally convinced myself that I no longer wanted it, until reading your post resulted in som major drooling :drool:, lol Who am I kidding...

    Thanks for an excellent outlet report - and congrats on your new bags! The antique choko bayswater sounds sooo nice, can't wait to see pics! Your DH has great taste, btw.
  15. Congratulations ohn your new purchases- what a great DH you've got!!!