Eek Ebury - I've gone for it!

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  1. I figured I could get a cheaper small bag that was just 'alright' or use all my Christmas money, plus consultancy earnings, plus sales of other bags, plus a bit of imagination;) and go for what I wanted. Guess what I did?!

    Small Bespoke Ebury in Box Calf - Anya Hindmarch#
  2. haha...did you at least finish your paper & journal article first? :P

    Kidding, of course. The bag is utterly gorgeous. Please, please post pictures when it arrives!!
  3. p.s. - which color did you get?
  4. Beautiful bag, the green is to die for, Congrats
  5. I went for black. I was so tempted by some of the other gorgeous colours, especially the cream, but I knew this was a purchase I would want to justify by using (I'm not one for putting my bags away and admiring them) and London life means cream is a bad idea.

    This place is already bad for me, but coming across my handbag twin across the pond in you Kore is just the worst! Of course I don't mean a word of that last sentence and can't tell you how thrilling it is to share a big purchase decision with a community, but particularly Kore, who just 'get' why this is a big deal.

    And it's not even thanksgiving for me to celebrate or anything!

    Oh, and yes, pictures will definitely follow - bag takes about 90 days apparently, so it will be a 2007 delight for me to look forward to. Thanks for celebrating with me:drinkup:
  6. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  7. Ha. I knew you'd do it! Enjoy....
  8. I am so thrilled for you! amazing!
  9. congrats congrats! please post picts!
  10. that bag is gorgeous!! :smile:
  11. Beautiful :smile:congrats!
  12. We bag lovers really understand each other too well don't we?! :shame: