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  1. ew.............. :yucky:
  2. double eewww.....:yucky:
  3. There is such an obvious difference between the 2...
  4. this has been posted before...
  5. I can't tell the difference.


    :yucky: :sick: :throwup:
  6. The second one is not even close.
  7. hehe I like the article tough... It's written very nice
  8. The World's Most Expensive Handbag

    Much discussion has erupted over the recent announcement of the $45,000 Loius Vuitton bag. Only two dozen were made, and despite the fact they look like something a lawnmower chewed up, all have quickly sold out. If you think paying $45,000 is outrageous, then get a load of this Loius Vuitton $150,000 Urban Satchel debuting for Spring 2008:


    Made of the world's finest Italian leather, this one-of-a-kind luxury handbag is hand-crafted with carefully chosen "urban charms". The proud owner of this exclusive handbag will be able to flaunt her impeccable style and lavish taste to a world that can only dream about owning such a rare and precious possession. Medium: an old purse found in the back of my closet, rubber cement, various bits of trash found on the sidewalks of San Francisco.


    Ashley Olsen has signed a multimillion dollar endorsement deal to advertise the $150,000 Urban Satchel in upcoming issues of Vogue. It's rumored the Olsen Twins are locked in heated battle over who gets to purchase the bag, while Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham have started a nasty bidding war for it. Medium: Photoshop collage.


    I hate to say it, but the $45,000 bag pictured above looks sooooo last season compared to the innovative design of the Urban Satchel.
  9. Yeah someone already posted that article last month.
  10. Wow, I really like that urban satchel, cleverly done so that even though it is made of leather, I could have sworn it was thrown together out of junk! :wacko: :weird: :confused1:
  11. Yep been there before I sent a comment to the paper and strangely it didn't make it into their comments. I also followed the article to LV
  12. Horrible that copy!
  13. Yup, already posted, guys, sorry.
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Not open for further replies.