eek...check out my horoscope for today

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  1. Daily Extended Forecast for March 08, 2006
    Provided by

    Whether you're at the mall, at that boutique you've been dying to peruse or just at your desk visiting a great new online shopping site for the very first time, try not to have your credit card within reach. Your willpower won't be at its very strongest at the moment, and just a minute's walk across the house to your wallet could make the difference between a year's worth of finance charges and a pat on the back in a few days -- which is about when this urge will have passed.

    too late!! :nuts:
  2. :lol::lol::lol:

    If that was my horoscope of the day, I'd surely purposely visit the online shops so that I'm insured to make the splurge. I'd then blame it on the horoscope.
  3. Hmm what's your sign? Sounds like it should be my horoscope too!
  4. cancer