EEK! Boyfriend gift ideas needed~

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  1. It's that time of the year again...the return of The Boyfriend's lovely birthday!

    Need ideas ladies~ What are some gifts (bought or home made) that your dear lovelies just LOVED?!

    He's a business man...and I've covered all the basic gifts before i.e. (wallet, dress shirts, cologne, ties, watch...)

    I'm open to any ideas... and I know he'll be happy with whatever comes from me....but I'd like your wonderful input on ideas or things you have done for your dearies. :idea:

    Thanks!!! :flowers:
  2. What are his likes/hobbies?

    Does he like video games? The Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii are coming out soon. Those are going to be huge hits for the holidays.
  3. Have you gotten him a nice pen yet? What price range are you looking at? Last christmas I got my BF some casual clothes (Jeans/Sweater/ETC) and a nice Pen. That went over pretty well.
  4. A weekend away at a tennis/golf/insert his sport of choice here resort?
  5. A nice pen with his name engraved on it would make a nice personalized gift. My boyfriend carries the one I gave him all the time.

    Another idea is you can plan a mini getaway (depending on your budget). Perhaps a wine-tasting tour, nice dinner, and a night at a pampering hotel?
  6. I'm not sure if the PS3 is coming out in time for xmas. :sad:
  7. concert tickets to see his fav band?
  8. I purchase most of DH's business shirts and ties. He loves French food, so I buy him French cook books, but I make sure there are lots of gorgeous pictures inside and they are do-able.
  9. A little something from Hermes.......
  10. Oh no, really? Is it something on the production line causing a delay? I'm kind of interested in the Nintendo Wii, it seems pretty cool.
  11. wOooo awesome tips ladies!
    I'm gona head over to the mall tomorrow...
    *Pen idea is great...I'll stop by Mont Blanc
    *Nice dress shirt...hmmm which brands do you get??


    As for weekend getaway...not much time right now... :sad: He has to fly back out to New
  12. I think we have a thread about this before so this may be of some use as reference:

    Pen: if I were you I would not get him the stardard Meisterstuck because everyone has one of those (he may even get one from his colleague this Christmas!), go for the Boheme or something more unusual.

    Dress shirt: Thomas Pink (not that it's particularly good but you'll find it everywhere because it's owned by LVMH)
  13. ps3 is coming out on nov. 17, just in time for the holidays. it's one of those 'wait in line for 12 hrs before best buy opens' type of ordeals though.
  14. Pen is a great idea. Mont Blanc or Dupont.
  15. What hobbie does he do and how old is he.

    Does he tinker with his car?
    Air compressor, rechargeable drill, battery charger, wrench set.

    :graucho: trust me he will charish those more than a shirt or walllet and for much longer.

    one other nice thing is that i have a contact that buys repo. Rolex watches, cleans them up (most are in new condition) and sells them to retailers for resel and better prices than new.