eek!!! bought too many shirts! wohooo!

  1. So im a little excited :yahoo:

    I offically start my jd/mba program in one week and i decided i needed some new colored shirts...went shopping and i came home with 6 lacoste shirts

    i had NO idea how comfy they are!!!! i have a couple lacoste halters and they are fine and all but the polos!! OMG i was in love!! haha

    But now i think im a little crazy..because i have the same polo...just six totally different colors (bright green, lime green, bright blue, light blue, bright pink, light pink...)

    have you guys ever had a crazy day like mine?
  2. Actually, I do the same thing sometimes. In fact, there was a recent thread about ladies buying more than one pair of the same jeans.

    Have fun in your new colorful tops!
  3. Congrats!! Yup, you're not alone. I do this all the time when it's a style that I love and looks good on me. And this is not just clothes, it's perfumes, makeup, etc etc etc. I think we have a problem! LOL
  4. Woo hoo! Yes when you find something that works why not get a few?? Congrats on your jd/mba program - wow!!
  5. hehe thanks you guys!!! when i got home i felt a do you say it FREAKISH!! hehe :smile: but my justification is i didnt have any lacoste polos (haha im wierd i always loved the idea of having a polo polo haha get it? yup im a dork) hehe :smile:

    but yeah thanks so much leelee missmusturd and pursegrrll (and thanks for the congrats as well hehe :smile: )
  6. Personally, I've never bought anything similar more than 2. However, if you like the style and that's what you wear most of the time, why not?
  7. thats the excat thing i was FREAKING out about!!! i would seriously make fun of my friends when they bought two of the same things....but i was like they are polos, u cant really get different lacoste polos shaaa know?

    so thats the real reason i was freaking out...ive NEV ER bought any two items of the same thing!
  8. ^Haha. Whenever I go into Ralph Lauren, I go straight to the polo section and buy whatever colours there are. I don't even try them any more!! hehe! You're not alone!
  9. whenever i go on vacation, i go CRAZY at the teenybopper stores in the u.s. (ie forever 21, wet seal) bc the selection in Canada does not even come close!
  10. haha you're just being preppy. having lacoste polos in multiple colors is fine since they're pretty classic. just don't wear them consecutively for 6 days to school or people will think of you as that girl who only wears lacoste polos.
  11. I also buy multiples of things that I really like. I just bought 6 shirts from target that were on clearance for $2.42. They were plain t shirts so I mean I couldn't pass that up. They only had a few colors I liked or they didn't have my size (mediums go really fast). Otherwise I would have bought more.

    But, I have also bought multiples for pants and other things. It is great because you always have it "in stock" in your closet. I love polos and cable knit sweaters so I buy multiples of that all the time. I guess it depends on what you like and how it fits.
  12. yup! i have an extensive collection of ralph lauren polos...definitely not odd to buy multiples of the same style, especially a staple like polos!!
  13. If I find a style of basic shirt I really, really like and that flatters me, I usually get it in all of the colors I like if I can afford to at the time. I can't tell you how many times in the past I regretted not getting an item in more colors or went back to the store the next weekend to buy that other color, only to find them all sold out in my size.

    I agree with azaelea that if you don't wear them all consecutively or around the same time period it should be fine. I rotate my stuff pretty good to where I'll get people ask "oh is that new?" when I am wearing a shirt I've had for two years, just haven't worn that often. You can also always pair them with different bottoms and accessories to make them look even more different.
  14. awww im so glad to know im not the only "freak" out there!!!

    and im tottally loling hahahahaha can you imagine buying six shirts and wearing them every'll be my version of the MTWTHF underwear!! hahahaha ill be known as the LACOSTE girl..hmmm they did have a pair of super cute mary janes and maybe i should forgo my Joes for their jeans? hahah while im at it forget gucci...ill carry lacoste bags

    hahahaha ok im going overboard, i just saw spiderman and now im thinking im my own action hero (LACOSTEGIRL tan ta naaaaaaaaaaaa!)

    THANKS AGAIN GUYS AND GIRLS! so very sweet of you! :smile:
  15. lol your soo cute!
    Congrats on your jd/mba program!!
    And I do the same exact thing with lacoste polos. I have have about 7 of em in different colors. I :heart: Lacoste!:smile: