eeewww brangelina

  1. okkkkkkk...i need to vent. i absolutely cannot for the life of me stand brad and angelina. im sorry i think its pretty obvious he left his WIFE for that woman.:censor: like less than a year ago and they already have a baby. so awful. i didnt see mr & mrs. smith and refuse to.

    she is a troubled person. i was watching VH1 the other day, and im not saying this is true but this is what i saw. you know how shes like a goodwill ambassador and whatever, well she donated $300K to the hospital she gave birth in so everyone goes (awwww thats SO nice) but meanwhile her baby is getting sent a $17,000 dollar diamond encrusted pacifier for FREE.:amazed: so she has no room to say things like "i understand how rough you guys have it over here" and her son maddox wheres like mini true-religion jeans and things. just seems hypocritical...

    anyone remember the billybob thornton thing with the blood viles and her making out with her brother at awards shows? i have lost respect for brad pitt and find it hard to see him as attractive. he is not the male i used to hold on a pedestal, you know the hot and loyal husband? definately not anymore. and if she were not a movie star i bet she would be considered rather odd looking

    UHHH i cant stand them im sorry i just needed to let it out. everything is brad and angie this, brangelina that. BLAH! this is it im done talking about them. i feel much better now. thanks for listening (reading lol)
  2. Wow, you need to stop obessing over celebrities and believing the celeb gossies - "troubled?"

    and guess what, you can hate them all you want, but they care?

    and just because she buys her son nice stuff, and receives free stuff (like many other celebs), donates money and spends time doing chairity work, she's a bad person? What do you expect her to do..donate ALL her money to chairity and live like a pauper? Angelina has earned her money and I think she deserves to spend it the way she wants - she buys nice stuff for herself but also donates large chunks of it away. So what?

    how about this - what the :censor: do you do that makes yourself so much better then Angelina and gives you the right to judge what either of them do with their time or money, or what they do in their personal lives..have you donated money to hospitals? do you visit 3rd world countries to raise awareness of the plight?

    p.s. - you don't know that he LEFT his wife for that women...for all we know, JENNIFER could have left him for WHOEVER. As i've said in other threads, we don't know what happened, and guess what, you can say all you want and believe whatever you want, but it's all speculation. Both sides were displaying very "uncoupley" behavior before the divorce even finaled..and both accepted the fact that love sometimes doesn't last forever.

    I'm not a Jennifer supporter. I'm not a Angelina supporter. I couldn't care less about them..but Angelina's chairity work is something I find simply amazing. She has done MORE then just donate 300k to a hospital. Most people (celebrities or not) are hard pressed to do this. And don't forget the 4.1+ million they donated from the sale of Shiloh's pictures. Unlike many others, who merely "lend" themselves to a cause after it happens, Angelina constantly devotes her time to it - she puts her money where her mouth is.
  3. i really dont think you can judge... everything is based off of media speculation most of which is probably just crap... I think that angie donating makes her a better person regardless of what she herself has...think of the thousands of other celebs who dont do anything for other people yet they are still getting free stuff too.... at least angie is making an effort to not be selfish. Its not like she's paris hilton... she adopted two children, actually acts for her money and still decides to donate and help out where she can... i think that deserves respect and not criticism.
  4. oh boy. touched a nerve there eh? yikes your kind of harsh. its not speculation she DID make out with her brother. she DID where billy bob's blood around her neck. and YES I THINK its weird. only speaking from my point of view. i DONT think shes a good actress or ever WAS pretty. im just putting in my 2cts. about them bc its all i ever see on tv. and i thought the CELEBRITY SECTION...which YOU are reading was a place to express my OPINION. so dont look down your nose at me for having a mind of my own
  5. and your telling me that i dont think im a better person...see your SPECULATING that i dont do charity work just like her. i just dont need the recognition for it like she does. its great she donates and does good work like most normal people do. i just dont like her image. sorry
  6. if you are replying to me, i never said that you arent a better person. I just think its odd that you are choosing to pick on a celebrity who is actually doing some sort of good with their celebrity. :blink:
  7. oh and timtimtim may i quote you from the PCD thread... "They aren't much without her, and one of them looks like a tranny"

    so your telling me bc shes not the most attractive girl in the world shes not a good person? come on your kind of harsh just like all of us are sometimes. everyone has an opinion. dont hate on me for expressing mine
  8. and marsplam that wasnt for you sweetie. i liked what you wrote. you said your opinon without attacking mine. :smile:
  9. lol ok just checking :flowers:
  10. stop where in the world did he say that she is a bad person. he just said she looks like a tranny (dragqueenish) that is a huge difference. oh or do you equal beeing a trany or looking like one = bad person. than i am out of words
  11. I'm not hating you because of your opinion, but i'm merely stating my opinion with that issue. But the people who are cynnical towards her charity work.. come on.

    and really, the PCD aren't much without the lead singer..seeing how they don't do much else except backup sing and dance around while Nicole does most of the singing.
  12. ok i re-read what i wrote and it does come off the wrong way about her charity work. i shouldn't have made that my main argument. and i do agree with you timtimtim about the PCD. lol. i apologize for coming off kind of all-knowing about them (B&A) i know i dont personally know them or anything. i was just trying to call it as i see it. no hard feelings? :smile:
  13. Yawn. I'm just tired of this subject constantly coming up, the whole Jen, Brad, Angelina love fest.

    I'd rather watch this dancing banana - [​IMG]
  14. real easy to judge those that you don't know personally that can't judge you, isn't it?

    don't believe everything you read in US Weekly, even if you think it's a "fact." there are no facts in that world. all those gossip mags and shows have one intent: to profit off the sick fascination with celebrity that America has. of course they make stuff up. so she kissed her brother. so she wore a vile of her husband's blood around her neck. so what. would you want people you don't know picking your life apart? or are you perfect?

    plus - and this really bothered me - it's not their fault that some company is trying to drum up publicity for themselves by sending them a diamond-encrusted baby toy. they didn't ask for it, and i doubt they'll keep it.

  15. ohh well everyone has their what if her kid wears true religions,and her daughter got a 17,000 pasifier as a present...she isnt harming anyone..atleast she gives back unlike other celebrity's