eeewuuuh...says Tyra...

  1. [​IMG]

    I remember taking this pic a while back...and found it in my camera today so I decided I'd share...:lol:

    but it's not what you think...she thinks it's real...she's just doing a a special on sanitation and just found out that bag has digusting germs on the bottom of it...

    she was talking about this girl who doesn't wear shoes and leaves her bag on the bathroom floor, and a friend of the girl from the audience was like,

    Girl: like its Real Louis Vuitton bag

    Tyra: like yeah, I know I can tell just by looking at it...

    Girl: yeah so why is she doing that?...blah blah...
  2. :shame:Omg, tyra thinks that real :throwup:
  3. I guess when you don't don't know anything :lol:
  4. With the blurred picture I can still tell it's an imposter.
  5. i don't have a MC bag so i can't tell. tyra thinks it is real?
  6. I can't tell, but on national TV I'd never claim that I could! LOL!
  7. Tyra, Tyra, Tyra ... :lecture::noggin:
  8. I can tell it's a fake by just a glance at it. I still like Tyra, though.:P
  9. you can just look at the colors.. that bag shes holding has like 7 colors. the real stuff have 33 colors and shades of hues.

    and you guys.. come on.. this is tyra. shes a lil crazy. lol.
  10. No way !!! That's crazy !!
  11. Those handles are way too long! And in proportion to Tyra's big 'ol hands, they must be enormous!:lol: (I still like Tyra though.:yes: )
  12. oh Tyra...stick to spotting models not bags
  13. I can tell it's fake too. The colors are just :throwup:. I think if I were in Tyra's position though, I would just play along with the suggestion that the bag is real. I wouldn't want to embarrass the owner of the bag by announcing that it's fake on national TV.
  14. that episode was on like 2 weeks ago (here in oz we get hem late) i remember watching it and the chick was saying it something along the lines of "yeah thats a real louis vuitton handbag it cost like $1500" and tyra said "oh yeah i can tell it looks it" i couldnt belive they let a fake on the show like that and then claimed it was real! esp. a bad fake like that!
    I dont know whether tyra acctaully new if it was real or not, i think she was just going along with what the chicks freind said, who says that anyway even if it was real it liek she was claiming that her friend has enough money to buy lv! (which was fake) I feel sorry for tyra im a huge fan of her and that dumb b*tch took her fake bag on the show and claimed it was real.
  15. The handles of the bag are way too long... and the shape looks odd... it's bad fake.