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  1. Why am I so scared to carry my pepper tote..I am like terrified to get it dirty!! can you clean canvas?
  2. no advice i guess...:sad:
  3. Sorry, I don't know much about cleaning that bag but it sure is cute! I think you should use it. I'm sure some of the experts on here will tell you how to keep her clean.

    Bumping for answers for you !
  4. Oh yeah, Coach's Coated Canvas is VERY forgiving!!!
  5. The Pepper chan tote is NOT coated canvas! It is regular canvas. Pleas be careful on how you clean it. I have had the canvas Bleeker tote and ended up trading it for a Parker tattoo leather tote because canvas is a brat to keep clean.
  6. oohhhh, i so want the butterfly glam but am hesitant because of the canvas and dirty factor. i might have to take the plunge it is so pretty.

    pepper if my favorite COACH chan. hope you can work up the courage to display her with pride!
  7. Reg. canvas IS a pain to clean... and to keep clean. My turnlock resort BS tote is beautiful, but does not yield well to dirt... no matter how well prepared to resist it with treatment.
  8. Canvas itself in a solid color is probably easier to clean, but one with an intricate design like these Coach totes may be more difficult. Did you check your care card to see what it had to say? I personally would avoid canvas, especially if it's white. I have no idea how to keep that clean.
  9. The care card will say a damp cloth. I would probably do a mild soap/water mix, but not get it too wet, and only if you HAVE to. I've heard of laundry and woolite concoctions , but I haven't tried any myself.
  10. I was thinking the same thing too about my Pepper Tote -- thanks for asking, OP. I planned to keep her inside until the summer to help minimize the dirt, but I am dying to take her out :smile: