Eeep! Leaky Nasonex vs. Blk Denim Neo Cabby

  1. I just had a heart attack. My Nasonex (allergy nasal spray) just leaked on the bottom of my black denim neo cabby. I blotted the excess and the microfiber appears to be (quickly) drying without a stain. That doesn't surprise me -- I've dripped Nasonex on my clothing and haven't had a stain. Better still, nothing seeped through to the denim. Whew. Time to store that sucker in a Ziploc and hope allergy season ends already.
  2. Yikes! I hope it doesn't have a stain! That is a major emergency when something like that happens to a high $$$$$ bag! Ziploc bag ought to be good and then you can perhaps store it in a little mini-pochette or something. Always trying to make up a reason to get anything from LV. LOL
  3. Holy cow. It's dry and not a stain on it. God bless microfiber!