Eeekk! Saw a fake Manhattan PM

  1. I was at Starbucks today studying when this woman walked in with her FAKE Manhattan PM :yucky: . It is so fake that the lv on the left pocket flap was all the way on left (not centered) and the right flap has two lvs. The size look so weird it was big and almost like a square. I was wearing my mono pochette and she was staring at it.
  2. Wow, LOL.
  3. :drool: :yucky:.

    Off to another thread now. Ppl carrying fakes r not new.:rolleyes: Carry your pochette with style.:love:

  4. blah, that's sad, pp drop over 100 bucks for fakes, why not get a Coach, Dooney or something cute that's legit?
  5. I saw one looked like a GM but with no strap. The proportions were all wrong. As a GM owner I wanted to say something to her but I didn't want to start an argument.

  6. exactly my thoughts.

  7. that's how hers looked. i bet they bought it at the same place.
  8. that reminds me of the time i saw a fake PM, while I was carrying my PM!! it was eerily funny, I caught her looking at my PM and then I noticed she had one too. One with tiny little buckles. I was shocked!
  9. lol!
  10. Eeek gets weird, huh? Yesterday I saw a younger girl carrying a mini mini sized alma, and I tried to ignore it and look the other way, but I could feel her eyes burning a hole through my azur speedy so I walked away.